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From mushrooms to the Milky Way, photographers are passionate about virtually everything.

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A brief history of Flickr.

Founded in 2004, we quickly established ourselves as the go-to platform for sharing photos online. Through each of our evolutions, our mission has remained a constant: community built by a love of photography.

Photo by Alexi Scutari
Photo by Chathuporn

In 2018, SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo, preserving one of the world’s largest digital collections of photographs in existence and solidifying a partnership between two companies at the heart of photography.

In 2020 Awesome was established to serve as a parent company, while still enabling SmugMug and Flickr to remain separate brands with their own goals, plans, and services for photographers. In 2022, podcast and blog This Week in Photo joined the Awesome family, bringing more tools and information to photographers worldwide.

Photo by Brock Wegner

Building a better world through the power of photography

Flickr is the world’s first online community for photographers to share their love of visual storytelling. At Flickr, we believe in the power of photography to connect people, inspire creativity, and safely store the moments that shape our lives.

Photo by Banzaygelo

Flickr is a global community united by photography. It is the best place for:


Discover awe-inducing imagery as well as new photographers, interests, and places to help stoke that fire. Flickr has something for everyone.

Photo by Maksim Istomin

Find and interact with others who share your interests and passions. Collaborative and social tools make it easy to co-create, to teach and to learn. Flickr helps people become the photographer they want to be.

Photo by Everton Vila

The hub for all the photographs you want other people to see. Flickr is easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Photo by Devin Nelson

How we operate our business is just as important as the business we operate.

Measure, reduce, and compensate—Every bit of carbon we produce is accounted for, and we’re proud to join a growing coalition of businesses dedicated to climate neutrality.

Excellence, longevity, and continual improvement—as a values-led and purpose-driven business, we intend to be around for the long haul, and we have the certification to prove it.

Land, water, wildlife, and people—balancing the interests of everyone (and everything) on our planet takes dedication, hard work, and a strong coalition of businesses at your back.

Benefits, inclusivity, and encouragement to grow–as of 2023, SmugMug+Flickr are officially among the Great Place to Work companies leading the way for better employee engagement and work fulfillment.

As 1% for the Planet members, we contribute at least one percent of our annual revenue to verified environmental causes to protect the planet.

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Photo by Yuri Arcurs